Saturday, March 20, 2010

Walking into Spring…Mumbling

“I'm a slow walker, but I never walk back.” Abraham Lincoln

Yesterday I skipped work and went for a Spring hike. Such a satisfying feeling, walking in a T-shirt with the hot sun on my back and my boots in a foot of untouched snow.Intersection of AT and Long Path 

As I reach the top of the hill I hear my heart pounding. I stop to listen for the sound of a distant waterfall but it is not there – must still be frozen.  I hear the slight russelling trees, look up and see last falls dead leaves still hanging from the trees, as a slight breeze is brushing agents them they look like Christmas ornaments someone forget to take down.  I hear movement by my feet and catch sight of a tiny grey field mouse scarring beneath the brown fallen leaves. 

I continue on the trail over patches of not yet melted snow – around a curve in the trail I can see the still frozen Island Pond – my 1/4 way landmark.  I stop to sit, listen to the exiting stream run away and I have a snack.  The gentle wind on my cheeks and side feel like the touch of my wife.  The warmth of the Sun on my face reminds me why I love her.Along the Appalachian Trail NY

Ahead on the trail, as I approach the Lemon Squeezer a herd of white tail deer dash silently through the woods.  The clumsy noise of my boots has frightened them.  Oaf! I must sound like a Sherman tank to them.  I stand and the silence engulfs me.

A few hours later, this young deer walks right up to me.  I was lucky enough to remember my flop and took this short video:

Close-Up of Young Deer


  1. Now, was your heart pounding because you were anxious someone would find out you skipped work, or was it the exertion of going up a hill or the anticipation of seeing wildlife? That deer is amazing! You must have felt so alive. Nature does that to me too. It's kind of a sensory overload with the twigs crunching beneath my feet, birds chirping, wind blowing, colours flying.

    Thanks for sharing. Maybe a good hike will cure what ails me.

  2. I think it was all three. Get out there whenever you can. Enjoy yourself Ashley.