Saturday, January 2, 2010

UltraPod Camera Tripod and Hiking Pole Mount

From time to time I’ve been thinking about getting some type of camera tripod or mount to bring with me on hikes and backpacking trips.  I was thinking of getting a “Stick Pic” (Click for here for The Stick Pic web site) which is a tiny camera mount ring that fits on the end of your walking stick.  It weighs practically nothing and lets you steady the camera on your pole or hold the pole out and take a picture or yourself.  When I saw a recent post by pig-monkey.com reviewing the new versions of the Stick Pick (http://pig-monkey.com/2010/01/06/the-new-stickpic/) I almost purchased one ($11.99 +SH on there web site).  It looks like a great little gadget. 

But before I did, the very next day I happened to be at REI and I saw this little device – the “UltraPod” tripod.ultrapod  This tiny tripod weighs about 2.6 oz. (6 x 1.25 inches). It has a Velcro strap built into it so that when the legs of the tripod are folded up, the thing can be strapped onto a hiking pole or a tree limb.  The camera mount is on a ball socket that lets the camera angle be easily adjusted any which way.  So far this little device is working out well. 

Watch this video of the UltraPod ….


Purchase the UltraPad at REI


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