Monday, June 1, 2009

Ultimate Slackpacking and Hiking in the White Mountains

I happen to live in the Northeast, the home of the Appalachian Mountain Club.  If you don’t life in this part of the county you may not have heard of it.  The AMC is an old hiking club started in 1876 and has about 90,000 members.  The organization does just phenomenal work including maintaining and running a series of ‘huts’ in the New Hampshire White Mountains.  The huts are spaced about a days hike away from each other and offer a nice place to sleep, meals and other activities.  This allows you to slackpack – even with children through some of the most beautiful mountains and wilderness.  This short video will give you an idea of how nice it can be.


The AMC has also added a few new blogs, one of which I feel looks very promising.  Kristen Laine is writing “Tips on getting kids outside” http://amcoutdoorskids.blogspot.com/ Take a look at it.

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